Inner Peace is Possible

What is  Interoceptive Yoga?

Interoception is the ability to feel what happens inside the body

We all use different strategies of perceiving the world, evaluating the impressions and deciding what action to take.


Some of the strategies we practice on and off the yoga mat are called proprioception, exteroception and interoception.


Proprioception is sensing where the body is in space. We sense position relative to other objects. Such as knee over ankle. Exteroception is perceiving the outside world through the five senses. Like using sight to check my alignment.


Interoception means sensing the internal world of the body, such as letting little adjustments happen, based on feeling the pose from the "inside out".

What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

Positive Psychology focuses on what works.

In positive psychology coaching we find out what works for you. We identify your values and strenghts and together we create a life within your power of design.


Coaching is a customized conversation between two equal partners. A coaches job is to ask thought provoking and challenging questions, to motivate you to find the answers within. You are the expert in your life.


You are in charge.

Let's do this!


Flow - Ease - Peace


The committed clients that choose to work with Adventure to Peace are looking for lasting positive change in their lives. A sense of flow, ease and peace.


We find that through interoceptive yoga and positive psychology coaching.


Our goal is to make this sometimes challenging journey feel like an adventure.


Adventure to Peace.


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