Inner Peace is Possible

What is  Interoceptive Yoga?

Interoception is the ability to feel what happens inside the body

In interoceptive yoga we focus on the internal experience of our practice as we move through the yoga postures.


We remind ourselves that we have choices and we use interoception to take effective action.


Eventually we remember who we are and body, mind and spirit align.


"Alignment in yoga is the harmonious relationship of personal and universal. Not defined by shape or position. Free of craving and driven by curiosity, our attention flows inward. Alignment is what is effortless when proper effort to pay attention has been successfully applied. It may noot look like much, but it is."


Patty Townsend, founder of Embodyoga


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Fairly recently I attended my usual lunchtime yoga and was pleasantly surprised to have a substitute teacher that I loved - Helena Svedin. I asked about the classes she teaches and have been telling everyone I know about this amazing yoga teacher. We moved to Greenwich two years ago and I have tried several yoga studios and have not had luck finding the level of practice I had in NYC until I found Helena. - Jennifer Rolles, 2018




What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

Positive Psychology focuses on what works.

In positive psychology coaching we find out what works for you. We identify your values and strenghts and together we create a life within your power of design.


Coaching is a customized conversation between two equal partners. A coaches job is to ask thought provoking and challenging questions, to motivate you to find the answers within.


You are the expert in your life.

You are in charge

Together Towards Peace





The committed clients that choose to work with Adventure to Peace are looking for lasting positive change in their lives. A sense of flow, ease and peace.


We find that through interoceptive yoga and positive psychology coaching.


Our goal is to make this sometimes challenging journey feel like an adventure.


Adventure to Peace





I engaged Helena Svedin for weekly Life Coaching sessions in 2020 and 2021.  Using positive psychology and the Whole Being Institute's model of SPIRE (an acronym to examine our spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional selves), Helena helped me to clarify and identify my strengths, needs, and skills.  Having been a stay-at-home parent for several years, the upside of the Pandemic is that it gave me the respite to visualize the next chapter in my professional and emotional life, and to winnow the priorities that would guide me on that journey.  I am now on that path, and thank Helena for the encouragement and guidance to embrace the unknown, and to reconnect with my passions and my professional self.  Along the way, there were also a lot of laughs and enjoyment in the work I did with her.  She is terrific and expert at what she does, and I would highly recommend her Life Coaching services to friends and colleagues. - Roxanne Vanderbilt, 2021


Helena's intuition, creativity, sense of fun and adventure and, most importantly, her dedication to her own growth and education enables her to take clients where they didn't fully realize they were yearning to go. Helena lays track for transformation. She's a gift. - Sandra Swider, Director, The Leadership Circle, 2019


Helena brings structure, clarity and enjoyment to both her ProjectMe program and yoga courses where she successfully combines positive psychology coaching skills and significant depth in yoga experience. Her style is professional, engaging, practical, generous and clear. Helena is confident in her teaching process, insightful and supportive of participants - especially adept at helping them reach personal goals. She's a good communicator, very helpful and giving. In my opinion, she is doing the work she's meant to be doing. - Deborah Ewan, 2019

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